Our home telemedicine solution brings primary care to a patient’s home.

The solution includes 4 modules:

  • Patient's mobile application
  • Smart appointments scheduling system
  • A video chat engine. 
  • Centralized Electronic Medical Record (or integration to existing EMR).

A patient that needs to visit a doctor will be able to schedule an online appointment and to have a video chat using their mobile phone, with a user-friendly and intuitive application. The solution also includes an advanced centralized EMR solution for the doctor in the call centre to document the visit and share the patient’s data with all authorized care providers. The home telemedicine smart scheduling engine runs an online preliminary assessment by asking several questions and collecting medical measurements. The first assessment will assist the system in deciding the severity and urgency of the patient's situation and will enable the decision support module to set the priority of the appointment.


Less Infections and Better Service

Ewave MD Medical's home telemedicine solution significantly reduces the chance of getting infected by social distancing and removing the need for face-to-face meetings. It has been chosen by many health organizations to manage the online preliminary assessment for COVID-19 and to help expand health services to remote places and to new areas.

The home telemedicine solution is flexible and can be configured for various situations and crises. For the COVID-19 pandemic, the home telemedicine solution preliminary assessment questionnaire helped prevent patients from visiting the ER in hospitals and offices of general practitioners in communities. In primary care, it helped decision makers decide a patient’s health severity and helped avoid infecting patients by going to health centres where the disease could be spread.


Ewave MD Medical Home Telemedicine advantages

  • Advanced mobile app for the patient
  • Centralized Electronic medical record
  • Preliminary automatic assessment
  • Medical measurements input
  • Online appointment scheduling system
  • Video chat engine
  • Patient history
  • API for integrating to existing systems  
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