Remote Care - EWcare

Health organizations face challenges in finding the right technology tools to treat underserved communities in remote areas, while making sure patients and medical staff are protected. Many of EwaveMD Medical’s telehealth solutions are implemented in various projects helping third world countries provide primary care in remote areas where medical staff is scarce or non-existent. EwaveMD Medical’s portfolio ranges between three major categories: Telemedicine, Tele diagnosis & Monitoring, and Home Care.

Our EWcare telemedicine solution enables health organizations to provide primary care to remote locations. This is done using the EWcare apparatus with connected medical instruments used for examinations. The EWcare software makes it possible for the nurse to key in a patient’s reason of visit, chronic or major problems and other relevant data using dedicated screens. Once the apparatus is set up, based on the patient complaint, the nurse will use the relevant medical instruments connected to the EWcare which includes: 12-Lead ECG, Blood Pressure, SpO2, Digital Thermometer, Digital Stethoscope, Digital Weight Scale and more to examine the patient and make a diagnosis. In case the nurse needs a consultation, the EWcare software will connect securely over VPN to a medical call Centre where the physician is located and can receive all the relevant information using their doctor dashboard in the EWcare command and control software.

From that point on, the physician can use the integrated 3 channel video conference engine (patient can see doctor, doctor can see patient, doctor sees real-time video from medical camera) and can talk to the nurse to further investigate or re-examine the patient using the various medical instruments connected to the EWcare, to finally give a diagnosis and treatment plan. Once the visit is done, the EWcare software opens a medical record in the EMR system using all the information from the unit and command and control system.

EwaveMD medical’s EWcare software can integrate to any given EMR using standard protocols like HL7.