Our Command & Control system is what makes our solution better than other standard products. While many telemedicine solutions usually made to handle one to one requests, our Command & Control software was developed to handle many to many cases. For example, dozens of parallel requests coming in from multiple clinics and remote locations consisting of variety of emergencies.

The software creates a layer between the EWcare units and EMR system and installed in medical control centers, physician clinics and homes, and basically at any end point that is capable of participate in resolving incoming medical requests. The system displays incoming requests from the EWcare remote units along with all the data that was sent from it’s EWcare connected diagnostic tools including pictures and measurements and so on.

While prioritizing the request is done manually by nurses in the clinic, the system uses pre-configured roles which automatically prioritize incoming requests based on the data and measurements that was sent by the EWcare such as high blood pressure, or low saturation for example, prompting the control center to pay attention to the situation.

The physician can now click on incoming requests and have a full overview of the patient, and can consult with the nurse using integrated chat and even videoconference with the patient using the integrated video tools to see physically see the patient or re-examine with the diagnostic tools connected to the EWcare.

The system also constantly measures how long requests are pending and alerts in real-time when more resources are needed. The control center manager can then easily add more physicians regardless of their geographical location in just a few clicks to resolve the situation.

Command & control