Equipped with EwaveMD Medical’s Tele diagnosis software, a mobile unit with a technician can travel to any remote location. After pictures are taken, the Tele diagnosis software transmits all digital record findings ensuring images and video quality is preserved to a diagnostic center in one or few central locations nationally or even worldwide.
On the diagnostic center, our software provides smart analyzing tools for zooming, and reverse imaging manipulation to analyze records quickly and accurately. The original images along with their findings are stored on a PACS storage making it available to the patient and referring doctor at any given time.

Centralizing diagnostic center increases organization productivity in few ways Consulting colleagues for second opinion is easier and quicker, making sure diagnosis are correct. Also, peer reviews can be performed routinely for better quality of diagnosis.
Specific specializing sub-groups can balance the workload making sure diagnosis are preformed quickly and accurately.
And finally, increase quality of service by delivering fast results to the referring doctor and patient online for follow-ups in the community.

Tele Ophthalmology