When patients are referred to certified clinics to preform ECGs, instead of sending paper results and waiting a long time for findings, Tele ECG will make sure all data records are transmitted to a diagnostic center in one or few central locations nationally or even worldwide.

At the diagnostic Centre, using integrated tools the digital record will be interpreted, analyzed, and presented to the Cardiologist showing abnormalities and findings. After examination and modification if needed, the Cardiologist can now sign the ECG interpretation and digitally transmit it back to the referring provider saving precious time.

The same method is used to transmit and analyze Holter files. When the patient returns the Holter, the nurse, using Tele Holter software can download the file recorded in the Holter and the system will make sure it is transmitted to the diagnostic Centre where a technician can open it, run an analysis using the software tools which will create the chart with abnormalities and findings for the Cardiologist to examine, sign, and digitally transmit it back to the referring provider.

Centralizing ECG & Holter increases organization productivity in few ways:

Consulting colleagues for second opinion is easier and quicker, making sure diagnosis are correct. Also, peer reviews can be performed routinely for better quality of diagnosis.

Specific specializing sub-groups can balance the workload making sure diagnosis are preformed quickly and accurately.

And finally, increase quality of service by delivering fast results to the referring doctor and patient online for follow-ups in the community.

Tele ECG & Holter