There are nearly 5 million patients diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) in the US alone, ranging from all ages, from children and young adults to the middle-aged and the elderly. These patients cost a lot of money to insurers and health organizations annually due to health care services and medicines to treat heart failures. By taking a proactive approach, organizations can lower costs and promote public health by improving CHF patient’s quality of life and providing them with support.

EwaveMD Medical’s Tele CHF is a kit including scales and blood pressure unit that connects to the patient’s home router using Bluetooth. The patient then weighs and measures blood pressure at every certain interval of time and the Tele CHF will make sure the data is transmitted to the medical center where it is monitored. In the medical call centre, all records are being logged into a dedicated EMR system. In case the measurements are not as expected, the nurse will get an alarm indicating the problem in order to call the patient and give instructions for handling the situation.

Tele CHF