We live in an age where laboratory requirements are rapidly evolving, and costumers are more and more accustomed to receiving their results quickly and qualitatively from their HMOs and care providers. EwaveMD Medical’s Laboratory Information Management system (LIMS) can help labs set automation and streamline the process from the point of receiving an e-referral, collecting blood samples, shipping to the appropriate labs, approval, and storage all while optimizing costs and increasing quality service to the community.

Once the physician referral is transmitted from the EMR or any other system to the LIMS containing the test types and orders, the system using smart algorithms concludes the most efficient and economical way to process them based on test types, geographical locations, lab equipment and more, and displaying to the nurse the number of test tubes and amount of blood to collect so it will be ready accordingly. After the blood samples have been collected and the tubes are barcoded according to the system layout, they are logged in the system, boxed, and shipped to the appropriate laboratory or more.

Once received at the lab, the tubes are loaded in the appropriate instrument, and the system sends the test commands for these instruments to perform the actual tests based on the calculation that was done in the first phase when collecting the blood samples. If for some reason the system detects that the transition of the tubes was longer then allowed, or in case of using loggers the temperature was too high, a warning will be generated to avoid possible damage.

As soon as the test results returns, the system will now digitally transmit them back to the referring provider’s EMR, online patient portal, or any other interfaced software making sure everything is done quickly and with no human errors.

Lab Management System