This EMR module is fully integrated with the rest of EwaveMD Medical’s health information system (HIS) to provide a comprehensive view of patient health information. The EMR module allows healthcare providers to explore all medical records for patients at the medical facility and track the medical practice workflow. EMR healthcare providers can access all patient health information securely, such as medications and test results including laboratory, radiology, pathology, and genetics, in addition to clinical observations, medical reports, and assessments, for current and previous visits. The module provides access to real-time and updated information, which increases the efficiency of decision making.

The in-patient module helps healthcare providers seamlessly manage and perform all clinical-related activities for hospitalized patients starting with admission assessments, diagnosis, treatment, up to decision making and discharge. Throughout the in-patient clinical journey, our system supports various functions and activities performed by healthcare providers based on roles, providing computerized provider order entry (CPOE), operation requests, order result capturing, sorting, tracking, in addition to providing several capabilities to manage nursing activities such as fluid balance, medication administration, observations, vital signs monitoring, and much more.

The out-patient module helps healthcare providers handle transactions involved in out-patient visits whether it is a first visit, or a follow-up visit. The module serves as an assisting tool for triaging nurses and physicians when providing consultation to their patients by instantly accessing patient comprehensive information through the system. Through the out-patient module, healthcare providers can handle requests and results of CPOE and other examination tests. Moreover, the out-patient module supports entering the diagnosis, doctor’s observations, online requests for examinations, online prescribing of medication, and other transactions that need to be recorded in the system for future follow-ups and reviews.

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