Vaccinate smart is a comprehensive and flexible solution that manages the vaccination process of different types of vaccinations and has been proven to be the most efficient solution in Israel.

Israel's IT infrastructure and smart vaccination solutions are the main reason for describing Israel as the # 1 country in terms of COVID19 vaccination.

Vaccinate Smart solution includes:

  • Prioritization module - to define the priorities of the citizens to be vaccinated according to the policy that was determined by the ministry of health.
  • Vaccination self & central scheduling module - to schedule online vaccinations appointments following MOH rules and multiple doses.
  • Mobile application for the vaccinator - in the vaccination clinic, a logistic module to manage the vaccinations in the vaccination clinic.
  • Information and logistics plan allocating module - to support decisions in the main logistic center with up-to-date reports and including reports, statistics, and dashboard to the minister and to other decision makers.
  • Green passport - for the vaccinated population to identify who is vaccinated using a QR code to validate the certification.

In addition to the technology and as inseparable part of the project, we bring the knowledge and the implementation process to make sure that your country will benefit the experience that was acquired in Israel.

Vaccinate Smart