In today’s world, healthcare providers must stay one step ahead to be able to service their communities better. Tools like EMR today, need to be adaptive and straight forward to provide physicians with accurate and reliable solutions that focus on the medical aspect of their patients rather administrative.

EwaveMD Medical’s EMR system is continually being optimized and upgraded based on current running projects. years of experience with large HMOs around the world, and dozens of physician reviews. This allows us to equip our EMR with best practices right out of the box.

Our EMR system is part of EwaveMD Medical’s e-health platform suite. It is connected via integrated interfaces for administration and operation needs such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), online realms (portals and applications) appointment scheduling, lab and radiology results, or any other need. this enables the EMR to stay sterilized and focused on the medical physician needs. 

The EMR can also integrate to any third party Backoffice system that the costumer may desire,

allowing physicians and the organization to continue working with their preferred systems while incorporating our EMR solution, which can be customized and tailored to suit the organization needs.

The EMR is equipped to support physicians of various specialties, and helps address clinical demands with powerful tools including:

  • Sophisticated and specialty specific medical sheets.
  • Informative patient dashboards with metrics and graphs to show data including, among other patient’s blood test results, trends, and radiology findings to help physicians view all relevant patient data  easily and quickly and diagnose.
  • Ability to share medical records between physicians (privilege-based).
  • Built-in medical guidelines ruling engine.
  • Drug interaction engine.
  • Automated claim submission.
Electronic Medical Record