The Doctor’s Portal provides health organizations that strive for excellence and quality care, with a tool that allows physicians to measure themselves against key performance indicators set by the organization. This tool helps optimize physician practices in compliance with the organization’s guidelines, offering valuable statistics. Health organizations can easily get creative with this tool by setting targets for practices, and even promoting healthy competition between physicians to increase engagement in providing useful metrics, and overall better quality of service.

Statistic Dashboard

Get detailed and true overview on the practice operations with build in graphical reports.

Strive for better quality of care by analyzing statistics, locate problematic areas and implementing changes

to eventually provide better health care to the community.

Compliance Ruler

This intelligent tool measures physician compliance by learning how well the physician uses or misuses clinical guidelines and preventive care campaigns set by the organization. The Compliance Ruler will assess how often the physician informs the patient of opportunities for additional care to maintain the organization’s standards. 

Purchased Organization Knowledge Base

Provides physicians access to academic literature and knowledge base purchased by the organization. Physicians can easily browse through the library and quickly search and find information on various categories and specific subjects.

Messaging System:

Organization announcements can be broadcasted effectively with this tool. From one central location, the organization can send messages to all physicians along with a smart built-in questionnaire engine to capture timely feedback and help understand the various demands arising from different practices.

With these powerful tools, organizations that strive to provide better healthcare and service to their communities can have a real honest holistic picture on how well they perform medically, locate weaker practices, and invest resources to monitor and help improve alignment with the organization’s standards, while providing physicians with tools that gives them smart and important indicators so they can constantly measure and improve themselves.

Doctors Portal