Health organizations in today’s world are expected to meet the highest standards when it comes to patient care. Every day a new study, new diagnosis, or a new disease emerges carrying with it the need for new medical practices. With more and more lifesaving breakthrough studies being published, healthcare providers also need to adapt practices for existing medical conditions. Using Clinical Guidelines will help healthcare providers be more consistent and efficient to bridge gaps between what clinicians do and what scientific evidence supports.

With the physicians and nurses working so intensely now days, it’s almost impossible to find time for studies of new medical findings and processes. EwaveMD Medical health promotion engine answers exactly this problematic discipline.

Each time a physician opens a new visit chart, a smart algorithm is triggered to search for pre-configured rules in the system that are relevant to the patient Based, among others, on demographic data, major problems or diseases, chronic medication, and other relevant data. The physician will get a pop-up alert with rules the system found. It could be preventive care promotion for hypertension or sugar, or it could be clinical guidelines with up-to-date procedures from the Chief Medical Office.

The Health Promotion engine is the system’s one-stop shop to configure rules in the system. No matter how complex the rule is, the system can create it - easily build it, save it, and the EMR will distribute it across all physicians – country wide or even worldwide. When one or more rules is found to apply to a patient, the physician will get a pop-up alert during the visit.

Clinical Guidelines