Whether a standalone pharmacy or a network of pharmacies, Ewave MD Medical’s pharmacy system covers every aspect and need for effective pharmacy management.

Features include:

  • Digital sales
  • Procurement management and order coordinating
  • Inventory management
  • Pharmacy network management
  • Inventory mobilization
  • Drug interactions
  • E-prescriptions
  • Automated claims submission

Our system benefits hundreds of pharmacies install base around the world making it highly flexible, dynamic, and adaptive enough to implement customizations, process, or any business rule that the organization may need.

A built-in drugs interaction engine enables pharmacies to take extra precautions when selling drugs, alerting to safety rules, drug interactions, severity, allergies, and risks like overdose. The drug interaction engine can work as standalone pharmacy, connected to EMR or any doctor’s office with e-prescription capabilities, alarming when interactions occurs such as drug to drug, drug to disease, drug to allergies, overdose and more.

The pharmaceutical management system manages the corporate drug basket from one centralized database governing all endpoint pharmacies with a built-in rules engine that enforces corporation rules such as – which profession can proscribe what type of medication. It also enables automated claims submissions to insurers, dramatically lowers administrative overhead. provides dynamic pricing options for medication based on insurance policies, and considers special prices, deductibles, and reimbursements for policy holders.

We recently added a model of administering  medications not register in the national  Health basket based on the recommendation of a treating physician and experts committee approval.

Pharmacy System