One of the most important tools for health organization today is online patients portal. It enables costumers to easily access their patient information and different modules preforming many of their tasks themselves, lowering internal resources overhead and reducing bureaucracy dramatically. As part of EwaveMD Medical platform, our online patient portal enjoys integrated interfaces to all the platform system making sure all information is up-to-date across all platforms and enables costumers to complete their tasks from one centric place. Nevertheless, EwaveMD Medical’s online patient portal can also integrate with any external laboratory management system, pharmacy management system, EMR system or any other of our client’s systems.

here is how we enable patient centric approach while lowering internal resources over head to health organization with our online patient portal.

Use the portal’s smart search engine in our Online Appointment Scheduling module to look for desired medical service provider. Search by category, time slots, types, names, and many more other attributes. easily schedule the appointment with few mouse clicks. No other action is needed. This module is tightly integrated to our (scheduling appointment system) for scheduling services and (Administration system) for the main medical service providers repository. however, can be integrated with the client existing appointment scheduling and Backoffice systems.

optimize the organization patient centric approach and promote patients health by enabling easy access for viewing of test results in the test module or using the Pharmaceutical Module to view active prescriptions, request renewal of chronic medications, or re-print existing ones

When interfaced to EwaveMD’s medical EMR or any other EMR system, using the medical history module patients can also view reasons of past physician visits or any other information the clients choose to expose, making sure costumers are self-reliance. lowering resources overhead and increasing quality of service. EwaveMD Medical’s patient Portal can interface to any Laboratory management system, Pharmacy Management system, or EMR system using HL7 or any other desired protocol.

Connect to major online payments providers like PayPal or others using online payments module and the organization billing system so customers can pay their premiums and medical bills online, lowering overhead on the call center, front desk offices, and streamline billing process.

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