Go paperless and gain control over daily tasks traffic in the organization. Our medical CRM solution helps organizations manage service requests from customers, service providers, and the business. Measure and monitor performances and quality of service with pre-configured SLA tickets with their  SLA and other attributes which enable employees to send and receive variety of tasks to their private or department working queues and resolve them on time.

Lower your TCO and increase system durability by saving fortune in annual costs on implementing extensive interfaces between an external CRM and the organization, This integration also benefits in business performances, with all the business activity and processes are available to the person who carries on the task in one unified platform: if it is a guarantee letter copy, special approval for a procedure or just general information, it is all in one place keeping the employee focused on his task and eliminating the need to jump between systems.

Keep track on service providers and costumer activity. Each task is saved under the different entities along with its attribute, attached files and other relevant information. The task history is also viewable in the customer or provider profiles for view or edit and completing a holistic view on the entity.

Optimize costumer-centric approach by enabling customers to view, edit, and check on the status of requests. Customers can open and view service requests from the online patient portal or mobile application. The system can also be integrated with other channels like WhatsApp and Facebook (via business API only)

Increase productivity with automation of process by using the system’s BPM. make sure simple tasks, that can be done without human intervention are carried out super-fast with less human errors and based on business procedures. increasing quality of service to customers, even more.

Medical CRM