Increase efficiency, quality of service and lower overhead in call centers with EwaveMD Medical’s appointment scheduling system. Our system makes it easy for a patient to check a physician’s availability and schedule an appointment online, providing an organized and versatile way to manage appointments. The system allows you to customize options, implement business rules, streamline the administrative process, and ensure clinic operations are managed according to the organization’s policies.

the system offers the doctor’s office better availability by customize and plan schedules, incorporate policies, and update appointments. the doctor’s office can manage multiple calendars and overrule or modify appointments that were set from interfaced systems. Physician can control who can access their individual calendar.

set compliance from one central place by setting policies and business rules at the organization level. the organization can set different types of appointments that can be booked according to the services offered by the healthcare provider including in-person visits, phone consultations, home visits and even videoconference, bases on the system integrated video engine. determine time span for each appointment type and if the appointment needs a mandatory referral or a patient copay before it can be set. Once policies are set, the doctor office can build schedules according to the organization policy.

Patients can login from the online patient portal or mobile application and conveniently schedule any type of appointment themselves or call the doctor’s office where the staff can easily book and manage appointments for patients in the system.

Our appointment scheduling system is securely and well integrated with EwaveMD Medical’s administration system, EMR, and online portals right out of the box and can also be integrated via APIs with any external system the client uses.

Appointment system