Executing an implementation can be stressful and take over many of your organization’s resources. EwaveMD can provide implementation support at any level you need, including project managers, trainers, testing, distribution support, end-user support and much more.  You may want full turnkey support, or a more balanced collaboration, blending the talents of EwaveMD with those of your experienced staff. Whichever your preference, we’re at your service.

Project Management
With every implementation, EwaveMD offers full project management for a turnkey project, or we can assists your existing team in managing the project.  Below are just some of what needs to be accomplished and are optional:

   Project planning, execution and follow-up
   Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
   Rollout planning, execution and follow-up
   Pilot planning, execution and follow-up
   Purchasing end stations
   Development and customization
   Testing plan, execution and follow-up
   End-station installation management
   Appointment and equipment confirmation
   Software version management



Maximize your new investment by ensuring that your professionals and end users have the expertise required to manage and monitor your new solution. EwaveMD can provide:

   Training plan
   Top-quality, experienced trainers
   Comprehensive e-Learning system
   Online training
   Training materials



Once you implement CardioHub by EwaveMD, you don’t stay alone.  We have flexible and customizable support options,
including rollout and production support. You can choose full or partial support options, or elect not to use support at all.
EwaveMD has partnered with Virginia-based CDI Corp, an industry-recognized, global services-management company with over 10,000 employees and 60 years of experience.  CDI provides a best-in-class, HDI-Certified Service Management solution utilizing a high-quality service delivery model.
Depending on your needs, 24/7/365 support is available in North America, along with:

   Comprehensive support procedure knowledge base
   IVR system
   100% call recording
   Analytics and reporting
   and more

However you configure it, CardioHub by EwaveMD is at your service.