EwaveMD's EWcare is a multi-parameter medical device designed to operate in remote clinics. The measurements that are built into EWcare are:

    12-Lead ECG
    Digital Thermometer (oral or infrared)
    Digital Stethoscope
    Digital Weight scale

EWcare comes in two configurations: Standard for stationary work; and Premium, which is planned to support mobility. Both configurations are scalable and can be expanded in the number and types of measurements that are connected to the device. A designated powered USB (in the Premium edition) or the operating computer’s USB (in the Standard edition) are used to connect third-party medical devices to EwaveMD's EWcare. Such devices can be:

    Baby monitors (e.g. Sense4Baby)
    Blood sugar meters
    Blood pressure meters
    Cholesterol meters
    Body fat meters
    Pulse oximeters
    ECG monitors
    Digital otoscopes
    Digital dermatology cameras
    Eye cameras
    Radiology scanners or modalities
    Digital microscopes
    Digital urine analyzers
    Digital hematology analyzers


EWcare's user interface resides in the computer that is connected to the device and can be launched from within our TeleHealth platform only. This prevents fraud and misuse of the device by unauthorized personnel. The user interface was planned to provide ease of use and is touch-ready.


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