CardioHub by EwaveMD is a secure remote medical diagnostic platform. Depending on the needs of your organization, you can implement the full product or just the modules you need.

Data security is an important concern when dealing with online patient information.  CardioHub by EwaveMD is HIPAA-compliant with encryption on all data, documents and passwords, including Internet cookies.  Passwords follow industry standard for encryption.  CardioHub encrypts data transfer and secures it using SSL/TLS protocol.  Server and end-stations hardening, along with external security auditing, ensures protection and monitoring capabilities.

Such solid security measures, together with predefined generic APIs, allow CardioHub the flexibility to integrate with just about anyone safely.  With web services using HL7 messages, CardioHub is easily integrated and allows you to communicate with several different systems, including EHRs, online portals, billing systems, PACS and more.

Full turnkey implementation support is available for CardioHub by EwaveMD, including project managers, trainers, testing and distribution support and much more. However, if you prefer to implement the system with your own implementation team, you can choose a more balanced collaboration.

Once you implement CardioHub by EwaveMD, you don’t have to be alone.  You have flexible and customizable support options, including rollout and production support. Depending on your needs, 24/7 support is available in North America, along with a comprehensive support procedure knowledge base; 100% call recording; analytics and reporting; and more.

However you configure it, CardioHub by EwaveMD is the flexible solution for you.