Ewave MD e- Health Platform

    Highly efficient, requiring almost no professional medical personnel

     Easy to deploy and grow in a rural environment

     Scalable both in the number of concurrent physicians as well as the number of devices per station

    Sustainable , greater benefit as the usage of the system increases

    Real-time access to a huge fund of processed diagnostic data dealing with the medical state of each patient


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The ARTECâ„¢ solution offers a non-medically trained operator to provide primary care services in rural areas by using the ARTECâ„¢ station: a computer that is connected to the eWaveMD HealthBox.

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CardioHub by eWave MD is a secure remote medical diagnostic platform.  Depending on the needs of your organization, you can implement the full product or just the modules you need.

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eWaveMD HealthBox is a multi-parameter medical device designed to operate in remote clinics. The set of measurements that are built into the eWaveMD HealthBox are: ...

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