The ARTEC™ solution offers a non-medically trained operator to provide primary care services in rural areas by using the ARTEC™ station: a computer that is connected to the eWaveMD HealthBox.

With close to half of the world’s population (3.4 billion) living in rural areas that lack healthcare infrastructure and available medical personnel, we offer our ARTEC™ (Advanced Remote Telemedicine Clinic) solution to enable an alternative technology-based healthcare delivery channel.



The non-professional operator of the ARTEC™ station interacts with the remote doctor using built-in chat and video conferencing capabilities. All of the encounter information is tracked and saved in a centralized Electronic Health Record system, which is the backbone of the solution.

The ARTEC™ solution offers the ability to perform smart data mining on the patient medical records in order to detect trends and disease outbreaks.

Thanks to a close cooperation with Intel™, the ARTEC™ is deployed together with the Intel™ Skoool™ medical eLearning platform to enable controlled knowledge transfer to the station’s operator, as well as the local population.