Handle all aspects of contracted service providers and keep them up-to-date with this integrated module to centralize and manage all service provider aspect and information. Manage any type of service provider, whether its a clinic, radiology institute, lab, hospital, or a network of multiple physicians with different operating hours, and locations. Each service provider can be configured with its own specialty and type along with special settings for claims adjudication service to validate submitted claims against the service provider configuration. Or, for costumers to search in the online portal and mobile application. Once connected, any change done here will reflect to the online realms. 

The module enables configuration of the service provider based on the service agreement. The agreement can include multi services, prices for different insurance groups and specialties. With the user-friendly interface, the service provider can be configured in just a few clicks and a short training without the need for external expensive resources. Just select the service and the procedure and save. that’s all it takes for the claims adjudication service to override default settings when the service provider submits a claim for specific service agreement

Finally, make this information available for general use purposes to any other system in the platform. Online portals, EMR system, scheduling system, or any other needed external systems via API. For instance, it can also be used by customers to search for service providers in the online patient portal or mobile application.

Service Providers Management