Our repositories management module enables organizations to manage its entities and data in one centralized place so the business can control and regulate operations. The repositories management establishes a central database for other systems to use and modify. Either a member eligibility, ICD codes, care providers, everything is intake and  managed from here, makes it available via our robust interface and made available anytime to the rest of the platform’s systems. Manage everything in one place and make sure all platform’s systems are in sync and have the latest needed available information.

Any attribute that is changed in any of the repositories such as members, service providers, drug basket, and various coding systems will be pushed in real-time to the relevant systems making sure the physician accessing the EMR has the right member details, claims the right codes, and prescribes allowed medications. Or patients in the online patient portal is paying the right price for their premium and rely on this information to be accurate and up-to-date.

the repositories are made available for any need via integrated APIs and can also be used by external systems such as labs, pharmacies, hospitals, and other health care providers to validate members information and rules concerning members.

Repositories Management