Collect the required information about the organization costumers and keep them up-to-date with this integrated module. In a centralized view, see all relevant customer information such as demographic information, extensive family tree - which is used for insurance product concatenation, plan information, contact information and much more. Costumer eligibility can also be viewed, modified, or updated using smart insurance policy association wizard, costumer physician association and customer employer relationship.

Increase productivity and performances with BPM based enrollment wizard for new customers, which can be customized for the organization procedures to reflect the specific necessary steps.

Mange all employers needs. Configure specific contracts and prices, set up employer specific plans, and associate employees to benefit in their plan offerings. Print bulk insurance cards and centralize all billing processes and aspects.

Handle specific customer tasks with the built-in CRM module to track the status of service requests and enable the task history and customer information including any attachments to be viewable (privilege based).

Finally, make this Information available for general use and eligibility purposes to all other systems in the platform including online portals, EMR system, scheduling system or any other needed external systems via API. For instance, it can also be used the online payment module for customers to pay for their premiums or to purchase new one.

Insureds Management