MD Medical

Our Vision

"To improve the health system in developing and developed countries by implementing a full integrated solution of medical systems and streamlining work processes that will lead to advanced and equal medical services for every citizen, everywhere in the country."

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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Our solutions includes an end to end platform for managing health organizations.

Our solutions include Primary care (Centralized EMR, Health promotion, Doctors portal, Drug interactions and more), Secondary care (Hospitals, Pharmacies, Labs and more), Telemedicine for remoted areas, Telediagnosis, Health ERP for health administration and claims management, desktop and mobile portals, Scheduling system, Vaccination management, monitoring devices and more. 

Our advanced solutions covers the clinical and administrative needs, both public and private, for health organization, hospitals, Labs, Pharmacies and health insurance companies. 

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Our Advantages

  • Comprehensive & Integrated Solution for the health sector with no need to purchase different systems and integrate them.

  • An open solution that integrates to other medical systems.

  • Much more than IT solutions - Our implementation methodology and work processes are essential key factor for success.

  • We bring equal and better healthcare everywhere - Our solutions include modernization of central and remoted areas to overcome the lack of health services or health providers.

  • Backbone platform for future Big data, BI and AI - Our solutions are the first step to implement advanced analysis tools to study the trends for research and recommendations

  • A trusted partner for your digital journey for many years, with proven track record of success since 1999.

  • Our customers are always in the forefront of technology by having the benefits of the most advanced Israeli technologies and startups.

  • Our projects include collaborations with Israeli hospitals and health organizations to bring Israeli knowledge in healthcare.

  • A thorough understanding and expertise of medical administration at a national level

  • As part of our services we are offering a financing package with 10 years loan.

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Business Benefits

Cost containment
Controlling the money by using the most advanced and comprehensive IT tools
Efficiency in all administrative and budget processes
Automation of claims management
Allocating the budget for better services, increasing the health basket and more
Decisions making based on facts by having reports and real time analysis.
Improve healthcare KPI’s:
Availability of medical services
Accessibility to medical facilities
Equality in health care
Safety of health care provision
Efficiency in health care delivery
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Our Experts

Our Experts

We believe in the saying:

"It is all about people"

Our leading teams are highly experienced and were picked up from the most prestigious and leading organizations in Israel.

Our experts covers the different areas that are needed for the success of our customer's projects including experts in Health IT, Health administration and financing, Implementation, methodologies, Security and standards, Infrastructures, training and more. 

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